Free Consultation

A couple quick notes,

  • By contacting me, you won’t owe me any money
  • Even if you sign a contract with me, almost everything we do can be canceled without any charge to you
  • Until you actually sign a contract, everything I do for you is no obligation
  • So you have nothing at stake by filling out the forms on my site. Just gaining some knowledge


It’s kind of scary putting your information into the fields on these random websites. Who knows where it will end up, or what could happen?

That’s what I want to talk to you about.

The blue buttons that you see all over my site,

Like the one right above that says “I Want my Free Consultation”

I made those. And the forms on them too. They are not random ads, and they are perfectly safe to click on.

What Do I Do With Your Information?

I call or email you, whatever is best for you.

That’s it!

It will come to me in an email and I’ll read over what you supplied, so I can be be prepared to call you. Then, once we have had our conversation and figure out where we stand, I delete the email.

It doesn’t go anywhere else, and no I’m not in the business of selling email addresses. I won’t send you spam either, I find that pretty annoying.

I will, however, contact you. Not with offers, or other useless stuff. Just with things I think will help you.

Why do I Need So Much Information?

So that when I contact you, we don’t have to go over all of that. We both know exactly what you are looking for and can get right into it.

But, most of the fields are not required. Just your name, phone and email for obvious reasons.

What Happens When You Do Contact Me?

It’s pretty simple really, we will talk about your current situation, and what you want your next situation to be. I’ll ask you some questions and get some more information. Sometimes I have an answer right then and there, sometimes I have to reach out to a lender or a credit professional to get an answer.

But I guaranty, I’ll get you the answers you need.

Why Should You Fill Out the Form and Let Me Contact You?

I know, you can find all the information you need on the internet, and a lot of that stuff is great!

But some of it is lies. Some of it is only true for certain states and markets.

And some of that stuff you just can’t answer on the internet.

I have built a large library of information here on my site to help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need, but sometimes it helps to just talk to someone.

Keep in mind, it’s all no obligation. Everything is Completely free until we have a completed contract. 

Let me help you find the right game plan and get you where you want to be!

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