7 Reasons You Should Hire a Property Manager (Plus a Bonus Reason)


The information age has changed how we do almost everything. The ability to learn from others in an instant makes us a lot less dependent or professionals.

Pretty much anything you need help with, you can find an article or a YouTube video to figure out on your own. But what things are still best left to professionals?

Well that is for you to decide, but I have 7 reasons that you should hire a professional to manage your investment property, and a bonus reason why it should be me!

Edit: Keep in mind, property management fees are tax deductible. That’s right, you can write-off all your property management payments at the end of the year! 

      1. Pricing

Pricing a rental can be tricky. Too high and nobody will care, too low and what’s the point? We often find that people are renting their properties to friends or family, or even random people, for well below the right price.

Let’s say you own. Rental that is worth $1,800 in today’s market. You do some research, using incorrect information you find on the internet (there’s tons of it!!), And decide to rent it out for $1,200. Maybe it’s for a friend, or a family member, or a random person who is inclined to haggle. You have just signed a contract to lose $7,200 a year!!

But you would never know because you used bad information to make the decision.

At CityScape, we are very involved in, and well informed about the market, and our experience in the industry will guarantee you get you as much money as possible on your investment!


      2. Tenants

Unfortunately, a lot of people in our world tend to not have respect for other people’s belongings. Having to replace carpet or appliances can eat right through your profit!

Not to mention failure to pay, or agreement breaking actions. Having to take care of these things is costly and can really kill time out of your day. 

Evictions, police interactions, no one has time for that!

At CityScape, we conduct background checks on all of our tenancy applicants. So no more ‘taking a chance’. It’s not worth it to risk your investment on a gut feeling.

(We also do regular visits to the property to make sure everything is going well… at no extra charge by the way!)


      3. Legal Issues

Let’s face it, our country is lawsuit happy! Any chance anyone gets, they sue. And sometimes ridiculous things get accepted and a good person loses.

Do you know your rights? Do you know your responsibilities to your tenants?

It’s my job to know and advise you on the best possible move and all of the potential outcomes.


      4. Accounting/Taxes

Do you still get a check for rent? How messy is it when you do your taxes? How long does it take for you to get paid?

At CityScape, we take care of all of that for you, down to providing your 1099 at the end of the year. But you will have to file on your own.

24 hours a day, you can look at all of your statements, transactions, any money that has gone in and come out. All right there. And the beauty is, we worry about your tenants paying, not you!


      5. Maintenance

Are you still doing your own maintenance? Or worse, are you hiring someone for the “friend” rate?

At CityScape, we take care of all of that for you, cutting the costs everywhere we can, without skimping on quality. Having built the relationships we have, we can get the job done right for a much better price!


       6. Anonymity

When you hire a property manager, it protects your identity. Your tenants never have to know who you are!


      7. Stress and sleep

When you are self managing, it’s easy to lose sleep, especially when that dreaded 3am phone call comes through. Having a full time job and managing your rental can be exhausting work.

But hiring a property manager will take away that stress, giving you the freedom to live your life the way it’s meant to be!


      8. Me

In my corporate life, I made a career out of maximizing profits. I know how to get the most into a bottom line, cutting costs without affecting quality.

My strong will and gritty work ethic got me up the ladder faster than anyone in my class, and my ingenuity turned me from an employee to a brand.

As your property manager, it will be no different. I’ll work smart and hard to get you the most bang for your buck.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about hiring me as your property manager, feel free to contact me today!


Now let’s make you some money!

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