Net More You

My name is Luke Phares, and I am a REALTOR and Property Manager at Cityscape Real Estate, Metro Brokers.

A Different Style

I keep getting asked what my URL means. Apparently it’s bad for a REALTOR to create a page with a URL that doesn’t have something to do with selling, or money. But I thought it was only fitting, seeing as how my style is a lot more than just selling.

“What is the Right Way to Sell My Home?”

Anyone who knows, or has worked with me before, knows that I focus a lot of my time on educating and preparing my clients. Thinking through the situation and showing them all the possibilities in any scenario, not only so they won’t be blindsided down the road, but also so they can make the best decision for the long run. Be it buying a home, selling your home, or investing in real estate, I do my best to create a world-class customer experience by teaching my clientele how they can set themselves up to achieve new goals they didn’t believe they could.

You’ll notice that this website is a lot different than the short-form click blasting stuff you generally see. That’s because I personally spend a substantial amount of time putting together these long-form, informational posts. So if you’re looking for a quick glimpse and skip, you may not find that here. Instead, I will share with you long, thought out articles to help you educate yourself.

That is essentially the philosophy of Net More You, someone once taught me how to connect the pieces to make them work for me, and that is what I am out here doing for you!

Furthermore, Familiarize yourself with the buttons below, you will see them throughout my page. A lot of them contain forms that will send information directly to me.

Thank you!

Luke Phares